Your Event Deserves Hollywood Cover Band Entertainment

Is there a training event in your future? Our Hollywood cover band entertainers are prepared to maximize your event with powerful entertainment features. You’d think every event would plan and include a high-value grand finale, simply because the sales team deserves the best. But really, not everyone thinks like you do.

Let me share the importance of hiring top shelf entertainment for your sales training event.

1 – The more memorable your event, the more your sales team will retain of their training. You know yourself, the more memorable the event in your history, the better you remember details. So, make it memorable. Make your event so incredibly wonderful that your sales team finds the details of the event unforgettable.

2 – Include awards, recognition, and appreciation for jobs well done in your weekend. Make this a dinner exchange of encouragement and appreciation, followed by uplifting, encouraging music, selected especially for your event by talented Hollywood cover band entertainers. When you culminate your event with a celebration of your sales team, you drive home the impact they have in your business, and create a collective element of hope and success.

3 – Bring the power of success to the dance floor with great music, excellent dance tunes, and plenty of opportunity for sales team interactions. The open communication, development of strong friendships and working networks, and ultimately the empowerment of individual relationships created during a sales team training event can impact the success of your business. By including team members in the process of selecting music, entertainment, and helping with all parts of the event, you increase the success of the event outcome.

Event planning is only half of the process.

When scheduling your event for any location, you’ll want to understand the impact of travel options to the location. The best options include a variety of travel options, so your team can choose how they arrive. These options also impact your entertainment choices. Location is 90% of your success, only because the specific location you choose will allow all the variables you need to create a successful event.

Dare I say that 10% of the success is based expressly on the way your sales team leaves the location?

As much fun and as thrilling as the event itself may be, the process of leaving the location may be equally important. The power felt by your team as they leave, standing a wee bit taller, more confident, and with the assurance that they are each part of a winning team, will be the ultimate impact over your team building success.

Your event deserves Hollywood cover band entertainment for the simple reason that knowing they’ve experienced a showband quality event will impress your sales team with the ability to be their best on the show room floor.

Are you ready to plan your event?

What’s Your Corporate Event Entertainment IQ?

Bringing your sales training program to a corporate event maybe a great idea, but the cost of hiring a band for entertainment could be prohibitive, if you don’t know what you’re doing. Before we took our training package to the corporate event, we decided to increase our Corporate Event Entertainment IQ (CEE-IQ), and find a dynamic centerpoint, call it a solution, if you will, to the problem of high cost entertainment.

First, we found it was all about location. Creating an event in Houston’s high fashion district meant hiring bands to come long distance from Las Vegas, or Los Angeles, but we had the ultimate in convention center resources. And the weather? Even in the winter, the weather in Houston is awesome… Unless they have high water. High water can be a bit discouraging. But Houston isn’t usually under water.

So if it’s all about location… Pick that first.

Articles of Sales Training

Your best buffer for sales training is always going to be the entertainment you choose. Why? Because when the training is over, and your sales team goes home to mama for the night, they need something BIG to create a memory. They need a Las Vegas Style Lights and Music night to instill in them a kind of memory that takes them straight to the training they learned at Your Corporate Event.

The top, most profound of all Articles of Sales Training, is the music or entertainment you select to impact your CEE-IQ. The better choices of music, the more your trainees will learn and retain after the corporate event.

Of course, the next on the Articles of Sales Training would be location. I mean, are we talking warm sandy beaches, or ocean waves? Or mountains? Being a big city kind of person, I’m more likely to choose a city like Los Angeles, where oceans and mountains are close at hand. I’m gonna love those views.

Words that Sell

The next thing on that CEE-IQ is my agenda. Words chosen always make a huge difference, and when I mention on my sales brochure that we’ll be hosting a Las Vegas Style Dance Band, my people know they can expect that show-girl experience, no matter what venue we choose.

But if I choose instead to say Los Angeles Style Big Band, you can bet they’re expecting a Red Carpet event with limos, lights and celebrities. My CEE-IQ is going to include the word selection, and I’ll choose words that sell.

Blow The Doors Off Your Sales Training Event With Great Entertainment Options

When you go the distance to train your sales team for a brand new marketing and sales effort over a weekend event, you’re expecting a lot from them. So why not give them the BEST entertainment option with a Los Angeles Top-Shelf Cover Band to close out the event?

The more you expect, the more you give.

The sales team knows that… And they have expectations too!

Give them what they want… Powerful, top-shelf entertainment on the final night of your training event will pump them up, break them out, and send them into the sales field with their pockets full of wanting. They’ll sell. They’ll blow the doors off with new sales.

Kick off your event with a Tribute Artist

Go ahead, invite a tribute artist to talk up your business at the first breakfast or coffee break. Imagine the response of your sales team when Elvis is in the Room. Won’t they be a bit more excited to participate when they realize that you’ve covered ALL of your entertainment bases with quality, top-shelf entertainers to energize the Sales Training Event?

Cool motivation and charm

Mid event, before you pass out the sales awards from the previous year, and top off some showcase training, you’ll want to bring up an easy, 3 – 5 piece band with current hits. Perhaps a showcase of spectacular dancing girls, music, and Los Angeles style covers to ease your sales team into a night of schmoozing and getting to know who their best, most reliable sales associates will be. They’ll be raring to go the next morning, when you end the first night on a high note!

Grand Finale from the Heart of Hollywood

After the sales training is over, before your team heads home to prepare for their Monday sales kick-off, seat them in a luxury dining hall with a five course meal fit for the amazing team they are, candle light, and soft background music… But then, crank it up with the BEST of Hollywood, Los Angeles Top-Shelf Cover Bands, and send them off with a weekend they’ll NEVER forget.

The key ingredient to having a blow the doors off sales event, is having a memorable sales training event. Your sales team should be humming hot tunes from the BEST night of their lives for the next six months!

Give them a night to remember.

Are you ready to make sales records?