Book Corporate Event Entertainment With Confidence

Business sales training events require value driven entertainment, to improve memories of the event’s training. You can book corporate event entertainment with confidence, when you know and understand the key value of over-all entertainment.

The power of entertainment to increase the impact of business sales training, at a corporate event, where your team leaders are subjected to high-quality training can be immeasurable. Once the work is done, your team leaders deserve time to celebrate and enjoy life. The best bands will improve the overall atmosphere and exponentially increase the memorable lessons they’ve learned.

To select a showband with confidence, you’ll want to have a few bits of knowledge ready to use as you make your selection:

1 – Space and sound quality at venue – these are powerful details that will make or break your overall entertainment experience. Of course, the better the venue, the more likely they are to have appropriate sound quality when needed. But any venue can have the “right stuff” when you know what you’re looking for, or more specifically what you need.

2 – Food quality and service – taste testing, of course, is the best option… But, there are other ways to know that the venue of your choice provides the best food and the best service. Everyone knows that Event Planners and Consultants are notorious for having lists of top-shelf venues, and knowing exactly what they will provide.

3 – Accessibility and travel access – being readily accessible to your team leaders is important, but having easy access for the show band you select may be even more important. The showband will need to fly or drive in, and then fly or drive out, within a short period of time, so having easy access to these necessities is important.

4 – Time and scheduling availability – knowing how much time your team will have between sessions, and providing a venue with access for spa-beauty preparations is all pertinent to the outcome of your entertainment selection. Your team leaders and their spouses will appreciate your consideration.

5 – Numbers and style of musicians – show bands can be a few members, say… 5 to 7, or they can be 12 or more members. The number of people on the stage may be determined by the many reasons, but the overall selection needs to be made based on solid information. Event Planners and Entertainment Schedulers have the best options for selecting great show bands.

Are you ready to make a confident selection?

What’s Your Corporate Event Entertainment IQ?

Bringing your sales training program to a corporate event maybe a great idea, but the cost of hiring a band for entertainment could be prohibitive, if you don’t know what you’re doing. Before we took our training package to the corporate event, we decided to increase our Corporate Event Entertainment IQ (CEE-IQ), and find a dynamic centerpoint, call it a solution, if you will, to the problem of high cost entertainment.

First, we found it was all about location. Creating an event in Houston’s high fashion district meant hiring bands to come long distance from Las Vegas, or Los Angeles, but we had the ultimate in convention center resources. And the weather? Even in the winter, the weather in Houston is awesome… Unless they have high water. High water can be a bit discouraging. But Houston isn’t usually under water.

So if it’s all about location… Pick that first.

Articles of Sales Training

Your best buffer for sales training is always going to be the entertainment you choose. Why? Because when the training is over, and your sales team goes home to mama for the night, they need something BIG to create a memory. They need a Las Vegas Style Lights and Music night to instill in them a kind of memory that takes them straight to the training they learned at Your Corporate Event.

The top, most profound of all Articles of Sales Training, is the music or entertainment you select to impact your CEE-IQ. The better choices of music, the more your trainees will learn and retain after the corporate event.

Of course, the next on the Articles of Sales Training would be location. I mean, are we talking warm sandy beaches, or ocean waves? Or mountains? Being a big city kind of person, I’m more likely to choose a city like Los Angeles, where oceans and mountains are close at hand. I’m gonna love those views.

Words that Sell

The next thing on that CEE-IQ is my agenda. Words chosen always make a huge difference, and when I mention on my sales brochure that we’ll be hosting a Las Vegas Style Dance Band, my people know they can expect that show-girl experience, no matter what venue we choose.

But if I choose instead to say Los Angeles Style Big Band, you can bet they’re expecting a Red Carpet event with limos, lights and celebrities. My CEE-IQ is going to include the word selection, and I’ll choose words that sell.