Three Reasons Why Cold Calling is Suicide For Anyone Training in Sales

For many people training in sales, Cold Calling prospects is perhaps the worst element of being in sales. With all the new people entering the field to do Direct Sales through Network Marketing, it’s important that these folks get past this key barrier.

In this brief article we’ll examine three key reasons why salespeople need to move past using traditional cold calls immediately:

Reason # 1: It’s simply not effective anymore

Reason # 2: Cold Calling prospects has become totally dehumanizing to salespeople

Reason # 3: Because there are far more effective ways of attracting highly qualified prospects.

By examining each of these reasons a bit deeper we will come to a powerful understanding which will generate a quantum leap forward in your training in sales and in the success that follows.

Reason # 1 Overview: No Longer Effective

By it’s very nature, Cold Calling totally deflates your position of power in the Prospect/Salesperson relationship from being a potential ‘equal’ to being subservient.

As a kid, did you ever have some other kid of the opposite sex so crazy about you that they seemed to follow you everywhere? Because of the way they acted you probably didn’t want nothing to do with them – am I correct? You were far more interested in the kids who seemed to be a higher ‘station’ than you (the ‘cool kids’, or the jocks / cheerleaders, etc).

When you call a prospect out of the blue it appears that you’re desperate for business – just like that kid who desperately wanting to be liked by you. That ‘chasing’ immediately demotes you out of being your prospects equal.

Once your prospect has pigeon-holed you as ‘non-equal’ you’re chances of being ‘promoted’ to being worthy of their time and attention (let alone their dollars) is slim. One of the key lessons to understand when training in sales is that it’s critical to be perceived as powerful and independent of ‘needing’ your prospect’s business.

‘Needy’ people – are never attractive people – so you must make certain you never appear needy to your prospects.

Reason # 2 Overview: Dehumanizing to Salespeople

People (your prospects) have wised up when it comes to salespeople and can spot one coming almost instantly. Since every person has suffered some sort of pain associated with trusting a salesperson; they now feel perfectly justified in treating all salespeople as second – or third – class citizens.

This means prospects can often be rude, short spoken, ridiculing, demeaning, and just flat out liars without blinking an eye!

Being treated this way repeatedly always takes it toll. Some salespeople become think-skinned and cynical to survive, and that just turns them into people who prospects dislike even more. It’s a vicious cycle that is going from bad to worse in this society.

Working under those conditions simply is no fun and cause a lot of people training in sales to quit prematurely.

Reason #3 Overview: Better Ways to Attract Clients

Think Leverage.

We all have only so many hours per day, and if we’re spending that time cold calling prospects willy-nilly we are wasting pretty much all that time. The statistics tell us that at best 6% of the people we contact are ready to buy. Just another 7% are willing to ‘think’ about buying.

This means at least 87% of the people you’re calling are going to blow you off immediately. If you’re not handling yourself effectively when making the cold call (i.e. – appearing needy for business, etc.) the prospects who were potentially interested in buying will also blow you off.

Does that sound like an effective use of your time? Of course not, and that inefficiency also plays into why so many salespeople quit.

Smart people involved in sales develop ‘systems’ to do their cold calling work. There are a variety of systems and not every system is right for every business.

The point is to explore these systems and find one that works for you. The internet and direct mailing are two well tested sources of qualified leads.

One system that every person training in sales needs to adopt is the use of referrals. Now before you start thinking you already know what a referral system is or that you use one let me share with you that there are literally dozens of different types of referrals systems to consider and test for your type of business.

If you’re not getting a least a third of your business from referrals you are missing the boat big time.

For those of you training in sales who are ‘aware’ of what a referral is perhaps you may not be aware of the incredible power sales referrals generate:

  • Near instant trust thanks to the trust these prospects have in the referrer.
  • Prospects being pre-sold by the people doing the referring.
  • The credibility of the referrer rubbing off on you.

This is actually a partial list of the benefits of referrals. We could discuss each of these in depth due to their huge positive impact. That’s a subject for another day.